Margaret Street Project

Margaret Street Concept Study

About the Project

The City of Plattsburgh will be replacing outdated public utility infrastructure under the section of Margaret Street between Cornelia Street and Broad Street and will be consulting the community as to what improvements can be made to the street as it is being reconstructed. 

Current utilities servicing the residents and businesses on Margaret Street date back as far as 1903. There has been an increase in main line utility issues over the past 10 years including an uptick in water line breaks and several sewer line issues which may be attributed to the age and material of the existing utilities. The City of Plattsburgh would like to take a proactive approach by replacing the aging infrastructure vs. a reactive approach and fixing the utilities as they fail.


Funding for this project is to be provided, in part, by the NYS Touring Route Program, capital funding, federal funding, and ARPA funds. We anticipate this project to run anywhere between $7-10 million but will have a better understanding once the necessary infrastructure mapping, planning, and engineering is completed.

How to Provide Feedback

  • Take the Survey! (link above)
  • Email
  • Call 518-563-7642
  • More details about the project can be found at

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything from water lines, sewer lines, and electric lines. This is a full-depth reconstruction that will have a “facade to facade” impact on Margaret street from Cornelia to Broad Street. Lesser impacts will be the redesign and redevelopment of Court and Brinkerhoff streets. The improvements to those streets will have less of an impact on the day-to-day business of those on Margaret Street.

It’s anticipated that this will last through at least 1 ½ construction cycles, with current proposed dates of May 2023- August 2024.

Truthfully, we don’t know yet. We do know that this is going to be a major interruption: Streets will be torn up, services will be limited, businesses will be impacted. The closest example we can use right now is the work that Lake Placid is going through on their main street. The goal for engaging with community members and stakeholders is to ensure we’re all on the same page, that there are open lines of communication, and that we get through this together.

The question is, can we build back better? If our community goes through the process of infrastructure replacement, is there a better design for one of our most valued streets in our downtown to make it more friendly for today and future users? If our community goes through this exercise; does all of the community engagement, planning for current and future use, and determines the best path forward for placemaking, and comes up with the exact same design as it is now, it will be rebuilt exactly as it is now. The City doesn’t feel that will be the case, but the whole point of going through this exercise is because once the city’s century old infrastructure is replaced, we want to rebuild in a way that makes the most sense.

The City has hired a project management firm, C&S Companies, to lead a public engagement initiative to gather input and feedback from property owners, businesses, community organizations and residents on Margaret Street. The first step in this initiative was to hold a meeting for these stakeholders to inform them of the project and address any immediate concerns. A meeting on Tuesday November 9th was held at The Plattsburgh Public Library with City staff and C&S Consulting to inform stakeholders of the project and answer any questions. Approximately twenty-five business owners, property owners and residents of Margaret Street attended the meeting. The City’s goal is to engage stakeholders who will be directly impacted before we initiate a project of this magnitude. Considering how community engagement for large projects have gone in the past, the City is hoping to take some learning from those and implement what we have learned moving forward. The City is looking to first engage with those who will be directly impacted (Margaret St. building owners, business owners, and residents) to ensure transparency and that those impacted have an opportunity to let their voices be heard in this process of construction and rebuilding. People who are not business owners, residents or property owners on Margaret Street will also have an opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns through an online survey (details below). A general public information and feedback session will be held at a later date but dates have not yet been confirmed.

Please check back for project updates and future public engagement events about this project.