Facts about Public Works

The City of Plattsburgh Department of Public Works in its endeavor to maintain a quality of life for the citizens of the city is responsible for the following:

  1. Water Distribution System: 126 Miles of pipeline, which include transmission mains, distribution mains and service lines. Age of pipelines range from 1867 to present. The pipe system is comprised of pit cast (lead joint) cast iron (mechanical joint) ductileiron (mechanical and push on joint) and A-C pipe (push on joint). Also included is the maintenance of 525 fire hydrants and 4984 water meters.
  2. Sanitary Sewer System: 58 Miles of pipeline comprises the city wide sewer system, including 1609 sanitary manholes. Age of sewer mains ranger from 1894 to present. The pipe system is comprised of clay tile pipe (vct) reinforced concrete pipe (rcp) plastic pipe (sdr) and cast iron pipe (ci) and a-c pipe and 11 combined sewer overflow points (cso).
  3. Storm Sewer System: 36 miles of pipeline comprises the city wide collection system including 520 manholes and 1877 catch basins. The pipe system is comprised of reinforced concrete pipe (rcp) cast iron pipe (ci) plastic pipe (sdr) and a-c pipe.     
  4. Roadway System: 60 miles of streets and 67 miles of sidewalk including 10,000 street signs which are maintained. Also the salt – sanding and snow removal of streets including patching and replacement of broken down pavement and sidewalks.
  5. Refuse Service: Garbage and Recycling - 2200 customers, which includes weekly and bi-weekly collections.
  6. Beautification: 166 acres of parks and city owned grass areas to maintain.
  7. Staffing: 40 full time employees which comprise of 3 Crew Supervisors, 12 Public Works Maintenance II,1 Motor Equipment Operator III, 6 Public Works Maintenance I, 2 Motor Equipment Operators, 2 Meter Maintainers, 2 Mechanics, 2 Typists, 1 Street Maintenance Man, 6 Laborers, 1 Draftsperson,1 Groundskeeper, 1 Assistant Superintendent and 1 Superintendent.
  8. Vehicles and Equipment: The Public Works fleet consists of 69 vehicles which include pickups, vans, flatbeds, dumps, sweepers, loaders, backhoes, a dozer, recycling and garbage trucks and another 20 support vehicles (trailers, rollers, etc.)
  9. Buildings and Grounds: Public Works maintains the buildings and grounds at 215 Idaho Ave. a warehouse at South Platt St. The building and grounds at 179 Idaho Ave. (former Curtis Door Bldg) and the landfill site on Rugar St. (NORCO)
  10. Special Projects: Public Works actively supports the following programs: Mayor’s Cup, 4th of July Celebration, Battle of Plattsburgh, (4) F.L.W. fishing tournaments, Farmers Market, Information Booth and numerous requests from various departments (air conditioners and some building maintenance issues).