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Police Department

About Us

The Plattsburgh City Police Department is comprised of a highly trained and effective force which is dedicated to serving and protecting citizens.

Our History

Plattsburgh is a unique and historic community located on the shores of Lake Champlain. In contrast with many urban and distressed communities, we generally enjoy an excellent quality of life. Nevertheless, our proximity to the Canadian border, the existence of a large number of correctional facilities in the region, and the presence of a large state university in the city are factors that necessitate a high degree of preparedness and expertise on the part of local law enforcement.


The Plattsburgh Police Department is comprised of Patrol, Detectives, Juvenile, Parking Violations, and Administrative Divisions. Our cutting edge technology connects us to a wide range of sophisticated and comprehensive traffic and criminal databases. We utilize the LiveScan fingerprinting system. Our police cruisers are equipped with wireless mobile computer systems and WatchGuard In-Car Video thanks to a grant in conjunction with the Clinton County Sherriff's Department and the Clinton County Emergency Service Department.