Design Phase of Route Three Rehabilitation Begins

(PLATTSBURGH, NY - Wednesday July 13, 2022) - The City of Plattsburgh is beginning the initial phases of a Complete Street Project for the section of roadway between Prospect Avenue and Sorrell Avenue on Cornelia Street, also known as Route Three. 

This project is being funded through a match grant with the Department of Transportation (DOT), with the DOT paying for 80% and the City paying 20%. The total grant amount for the design is $580,000. The City of Plattsburgh has already paid for a traffic study and base survey to be conducted.

The traffic study will look at traffic patterns, as well as pedestrian and vehicle safety, particularly at the intersection of Cornelia Street and Broad Street. 

The City has up to five years (2027) to implement the design phase of this project, as per DOT guidelines but City officials are hoping the design phase will move more quickly than that.

“This project is significant because it’s focusing on a major thoroughfare in the City of Plattsburgh. The addition of sidewalks in this area will be helpful to residents especially in the wintertime who are often seen carrying groceries in the road due the absence or lack of sidewalks “ says Andrew Durrin, Assistant Superintendent of Public Works and Project Lead.

"The City has two primary business districts: Downtown and Uptown. And as much attention our historic downtown receives, it's critically important that our City continues to grow and put our attention to both," says Plattsburgh Mayor, Christopher Rosenquest. "Improved multi-modal access, complete street designs, and enhanced streetscapes will attract more investment and tourism to Uptown. This is a big win for Uptown commerce and residents."

The City plans to work in close coordination with the Town of Plattsburgh to ensure the Town’s plans for work on Route Three are mirrored to ensure a seamless transition between city and town borders.