City of Plattsburgh will double road resurfacing plans for summer 2023

(PLATTSBURGH- Thursday June 6th 2023) - City of Plattsburgh Public Works Department will be making a concerted push this summer to double the number of roads to be resurfaced in the City of Plattsburgh. The project will cost just over $1 million dollars and will be funded through the Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS) and the NY State Touring Routes Program (TRS) sponsored by New York State.


The following roads will be milled and re-paved this summer:

  • New York Road Extension
  • Ohio Avenue
  • Nevada Oval
  • Lake Forest Drive
  • George Angel Drive
  • Olivetti Place (Park to Ruger)
  • Prospect Avenue (Park to Ruger)
  • Cogan Avenue (Park to Ruger)
  • Park Avenue (Lexington to Tremblay)
  • Pond Street
  • Hamilton Street
  • Pike Street

The Public Works department will notify residents of limited or restricted access in their area via fliers. Thank you for your cooperation.



Each year the City’s Department of Public Works issues a list of roads to be resurfaced during the construction season. The City’s goal is to repave at least 10% of the total road surfaces each year, thus ensuring each city street can at least see a repaving within 10 years.


“Even with a plan to pave upwards of 10% of our roughly 60 miles of City roads each year, our capacity to do so fluctuates depending on other projects throughout the City,” says Plattsburgh Mayor, Christopher Rosenquest. “We have to focus on our more heavily used roadways over dead ends and cul de sacs. Regardless, we do our very best to maintain this rotation in an effort to keep all of our roads in good shape.”


These road projects are funded primarily through state funding from a variety of road resurfacing programs. Often categorized as “CHIPS” funding, these funds come from NYS Department of Transportation programs such as the NY State Touring Route Program (STR), Extreme Weather Recovery (EWR), Pave Our Potholes (POP), PAVE NY, and the Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS). The City of Plattsburgh, and other NYS communities receive annual allocations for these funds.


In 2023 the NYS budget included a roughly 30% increase to these funds for road resurfacing and other road infrastructure funding. During this budget year, the City received $3.6m in road resurfacing funding, a little less than a third of this allocation will be spent in road projects this year.