Plattsburgh City Fire Union to perform departmental analysis

(PLATTSBURGH, NY - 18 March 2024) – Plattsburgh Professional Firefighters Local 2421 is seeking quotes from professional agencies to do a departmental analysis, the goal of which is to improve public safety through a better understanding of departmental staffing, services, and delivery. In 2022, a similar analysis of the City of Plattsburgh Police was conducted by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services Department (DCJS).


The end result of this analysis will help guide the development, staffing, and function of this department moving forward.


“A big question we’re trying to answer is: unique to Plattsburgh’s communities and challenges, what should the functions of this department be and how can we most effectively staff to fulfill those functions?” says City of Plattsburgh Mayor Christopher Rosenquest. “This initiative will answer these questions and improve our delivery of these critical public safety obligations. We’re looking for an outside agency to do this work to ensure it’s agnostic of any department, union, or mayor.”


The process for performing and reporting on a departmental analysis typically spans several months. A substantial portion of this time is spent meticulously gathering data, facts, and figures, followed by comprehensive comparison and report generation.


“It’s mutually beneficial for this office and the union to jointly establish a shared understanding of operational effectiveness. Sharing this understanding and the costs associated with obtaining this report is beneficial for all. Engaging a third-party allows us to ensure objectivity that brings us a data-based recommendation,” adds Rosenquest.


The Mayor’s office and Local 2421 intend to split the total costs of the analysis which could be upwards of $70,000. Both offices expect the report to provide significant insight into optimized staffing, streamline operations, and modernize any outdated modes of services and delivery, leading to improved resource allocation. By proactively pinpointing and addressing opportunities for optimization, the City of Plattsburgh will mitigate potential long-term creeping expenditures.