Mayor to Declare Indigenous People’s Day at October 7th Common Council Meeting

Mayor Chris Rosenquest will be bestowing a proclamation at the Thursday October 7th Common Council Meeting to declare the second Monday of October Indigenous People’s Day in the City Of Plattsburgh. The meeting is scheduled to occur at 5:00PM at City Hall in the Common Council Chambers.

Mayor Rosenquest Says: “The increasing need for our nation to acknowledge and correct the years of genocide and displacement of our native people is of growing importance for me, my generation, and for generations that follow. Our nation, built on the backs of slaves, with a history of disenfranchising and displacing black, indigenous, and other people of color needs to continue to be acknowledged and rectified. 

“Over the last several years, we've seen our nation cry out for equal treatment for all of our citizens; for us to acknowledge those who have been disenfranchised for generations. Every week, this political body pledges our allegiance to a flag that represents liberty and justice for ALL - not for a select few.  My hope is that by proclaiming this day as Indigenous People's Day is the first step towards acknowledging the indigenous people who created, grew, and thrived on this land well before any of us arrived. My hope is that this proclamation is one of many steps towards liberty and justice for them and for the rest of our people who haven't been provided liberty and justice."

On Monday October 11th at 3:00PM a brief ceremony will be held at Champlain Monument Park, 30 Cumberland Ave, Plattsburgh. A sign will be unveiled that will be placed in the park, providing information about medicinal flowers and plants used by The Haudenosaunee people. The Mayor will participate in the ceremony led by local residents Emilio Stacey-Mora and Valerie Stacey-Patrie. This event is free, open to the public and no registration is required.