City’s Comprehensive Plan Approved and Adopted by Common Council

(PLATTSBURGH- Thursday September 21st, 2023) - At the Thursday September 7th Common Council meeting, City Councilors voted to adopt the City’s Comprehensive Plan, a document that sets the City’s vision for an equitable, vibrant, resilient community, steeped in history and culture, with walkable neighborhoods and abundant mix of housing options with an emphasis placed on affordable, safe and accessible housing. The last Comprehensive Plan that was adopted by the Common Council was revised in 1999. 


This Comprehensive Plan presents a long-term perspective and vision to guide decision making in the City of Plattsburgh for the next twenty years. It will provide the road map to ensure Plattsburgh continues to thrive as the “micropolitan” gateway to the North Country and as a city that adapts to the needs of its people while preserving its unique identity.  This plan provides the story about who we are as a community, who we strive to be, and the road map to get there guided by the core characteristics of equity, vibrancy, and resiliency.

This update was undertaken in conjunction with the creation of a Local Waterfront Revitalization Program for the City, and will be followed by updates to the City Zoning Ordinance that will facilitate the implementation of these two plans.  Funding for this project is provided by the New York State Department of State under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund.

Why Does a City Need an updated Comprehensive Plan?

This is not just an internal document created by, and for the use solely of the staff of the City of Plattsburgh. This is a collaborative shared document informed by the stakeholders of today. This Plan is for the use of everyone in Plattsburgh- whether you are a business owner, non-profit organization, developer, or resident; this is our City’s shared vision to guide the next 20 years of our future. It is intended to be referenced by our community and used by leaders across all sectors, neighborhoods and communities so we can all work simultaneously towards the common goal of being a Thriving City.

Comprehensive Plan Highlights

The City’s Comprehensive Plan outlines eight Policy Guides that will guide City staff, community leaders and decision makers in the future development of our City. Those guides include:

  • Preserving our natural resources such as Lake Champlain and the Saranac River;
  • Maintaining a robust and reliable system of infrastructure and accessibility that is essential to our economic growth;
  • Investing in our community resources such as fire, police, and our schools;
  • Growing recreation opportunities with our City’s parks, trails, and green spaces;
  • Providing opportunities for both residents and visitors to enrich themselves in local arts and cultural activities;
  • Preserving and promoting our historical sites and rich history;
  • Fostering housing policies that are environmentally just,  and accessible;
  • Continuing to build on our role as an attractive destination on the economic corridor between Montreal and New York City.


Where to find a copy?

The final adopted version of this plan can be found online at LWRP, Comprehensive Plan & Zoning Update | City of Plattsburgh, New York ( This link will be shared with all of the City’s leadership, and as many of our partners as possible.  Hard copies will be made available at the Library circulation desk, and at the City of Plattsburgh Clerk's office.  

What’s Next?

Implementation of the Comprehensive Plan will begin with an update to the City’s Zoning Ordinance - an action that is already underway. The City will also invest in its Recreation System, strengthen its relationship with SUNY Plattsburgh, continue implementing and maintaining revitalization efforts Downtown, and foster stronger connections with local and regional partners.


The City will develop a strategic approach to securing the funding necessary to complete projects via a combination of grants, public-private partnerships, and direct financing by the City. The City will implement an annual tracking system to detail progress toward the goals articulated within the Plan.


Vote Count

Councilors Baughn, Kelly, Tallon and Bopp voted affirmatively for the Plan. Councilors Gibbs and Moore abstained. No Councilors were absent.