City to Pilot New Trash Collection Downtown

(PLATTSBURGH, NY - Monday July 25, 2022) - If you have walked past Upper Bridge and Margaret Streets recently, you may have noticed a new type of garbage can in town, one that promises to have a higher capacity is powered through solar energy and will prevent garbage from blowing through the streets.

The High Capacity Smart Solar Compactor is a trash compacting garbage can that is powered by solar energy. The City has purchased one can as a pilot program with the goal of including more in the future. This new type of garbage can is intended to save time and help better clean up downtown Plattsburgh. The compancting cans can store 150 gallons, up to 5 times more than the current waste bins downtown, and will store garbage in a way that prevents unsightly overflows. The cans also provide digital alerts when it is full and needs to be emptied. Both improvements will allow the City to streamline the collection of trash downtown.

“This is an attempt to address the growing concerns for downtown beautification as well as improve staffing efficiencies,” Mayor Rosenquest said. “We’re using this can and location as a pilot for deploying these cans throughout downtown. Based on how well this turns out, we’ll be looking to purchase several more next year and the year following.”

The cost of one garbage can is $4,727 and was funded through the Department of Public Works operating budget. After the pilot period has ended, City officials will review the results and decide if more cans should be purchased in the future.