City implementing paid parking at City beach and in downtown parking lots in 2022

(PLATTSBURGH, NY - April 22nd 2022) - The City of Plattsburgh is advancing the 2018 decision to implement a Downtown paid parking system as well as replacing the beach’s entry booth in favor of digital, multi-space parking kiosks.

Paid Parking Lots in Downtown and City Beach

Based on the 2018 Carl Walker Parking Study and subsequent Council resolutions supporting the implementation of paid parking, the City of Plattsburgh is moving towards a paid parking system that includes two areas of operation, the Downtown District and the City Beach.

Mayor Rosenquest is recommending that any operating profits earned through parking fees be reserved in separate Community Benefit Funds for each respective area. “The City has an opportunity to permanently fund area improvements paid for through user fees, rather than taxpayer dollars or through special assessment district fees,” Rosenquest adds.

The City intends to activate the paid system at the City beach as early as the beach’s planned opening on Memorial Day weekend. “As it is right now, we charge for people to park on the beach and we're changing how we collect this fee. Beach users who walk or bike to the beach will continue to do so for free, parking is not free and we’ll continue to charge for it.” added Rosenquest. “The recommended fee structure will support a small operating surplus at the beach. All surplus funds will be reinvested into beach maintenance improvements."

All fee structures for parking will require approval from the Common Council.

City Beach: Parking Kiosks

At the beach, the areas subject to paid parking are those parking areas between the Crete Center and the beach. The Dog Park and Crete Center Parking lots will remain free. The current fee structure recommends all beach users regardless of residency be required to pay a consistent rate to park at the beach. The fee structure being recommended to the Council includes a $2.50 hourly fee, a $18 daily fee, and a $30 seasonal permit fee. The seasonal beach parking permit will be made available to all those who frequent the beach and who wish to avoid the hourly parking fees. "Asking city and town residents to help with the cost of running this resource is a change we're exploring. We also understand it's a major change after 30 years of free access," added Rosenquest. "Ultimately I'm fine with whatever direction the Council takes. These are the options and whatever deficit there is will need to be filled in using taxpayer dollars."

The proposed enforcement hours for paid parking at the City beach are 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., 7 days a week between the Friday preceding Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Downtown District

On-street parking remains free everywhere in the downtown district.  The City is in the process of implementing a standardized two-hour time limit for all on-street parking areas within the Special Assessment District.  The southern half of the Durkee Street parking lot, the Arnie Pavone lot, the Broad Street lot, the Court Street lot, the City Hall Place lot, and the public sections of the Clinton County Government Center lot will be subject to metered parking.  Permits will be available for frequent parkers to use in all the above listed lots except the Clinton County Government Center lot.  It is expected that this system will roll out in summer 2022. 

The fee structure being recommended to the Council for the off-street lots includes a $1.00 hourly fee, a $7.25 daily fee, a $90 quarterly permit fee, and a $324 annual permit fee.  Quarterly and annual downtown permits will be available but limited and priority access will be afforded to downtown residents and those with downtown employment status. Proof of priority status is required.

The proposed enforcement hours for paid parking in the downtown area are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday except holidays.  Downtown enforcement of parking regulations will be active year round.