City Water Flushing to resume on September 26

(PLATTSBURGH- Friday September 23, 2022) - The City’s second water storage tank was drained and cleaned today (Friday) and is being placed back into service.

Flushing the distribution system will resume beginning Monday September 26th per the attached map and schedule (PDF attachment). Localized discoloration might be experienced during flushing but should settle down shortly. Residents are encouraged to reference the flushing schedule which will occur over the next five weeks. Please give some flexibility to the dates with which flushing begins in your zone.

Some initial test results have been received which suggest the water discoloration is due to iron and manganese sediment. Iron and manganese are nuisance and aesthetic issues and are not considered to be health concerns. The flushing being performed should remove them from the piping system.

Bacteria and chlorine residual tests continued to show the water is fit for consumption. However, as always, if your water is discolored, it is best to avoid drinking it until it clears up. 

If you have questions or want to document discolored water, please email the City at: