LAND Remediation Using 95 Cumberland Avenue as Storage Yard

(PLATTSBURGH, NY - Tuesday August 1st 2023) LAND Remediation, Inc. (LAND) recently leased the property at 95 Cumberland Avenue in the City of Plattsburgh and is using it as an equipment storage yard. Limited clearing of brush around the property’s perimeter and site cleanup is ongoing. LAND is erecting a perimeter fence for purposes of site security.  Organization of the storage yard is ongoing and it is anticipated that the site will be secured and all equipment stored within the next few weeks, after which LAND expects minimal activity at the site.

While a building permit for the site was issued by the City’s Building Inspector, LAND’s use of 95 Cumberland Avenue is not associated with any project or initiative undertaken by the City of Plattsburgh.  All related inquiries should be directed to LAND at or (518) 766-4105.