City Awarded over $800K in Grant Funding for City Beach

(PLATTSBURGH- March 3rd 2023) - As part of the 2022 Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) process, the City of Plattsburgh has been awarded $817,525 in grant funding via the Water Quality Improvement Project (WQIP) Program. The funding will facilitate the implementation of green infrastructure at the City Beach, stabilize the Beach’s sand dunes, and improve the water quality of Cumberland Bay.

The green infrastructure will include new trenching and bioretention areas to limit the amount of polluted stormwater that flows into Cumberland Bay from the Beach’s parking lot.  New grasses will be planted on the Beach’s dunes to limit erosion.

The grant funding requires a 25% match ($204,381) be contributed by the City.  The project is anticipated to cost a total of $1,021,907. 

City of Plattsburgh Mayor Christopher Rosenquest said, “This grant contributes to the active and ongoing investments my office has pushed for when it comes to our beach. These improvements, along with the significant amount of beach work that's been done over the last two years is starting to show our community and region that waterfront investment is our future."

The project that is being grant funded is part of the larger Beach Improvement Plan, which can be found in full detail on the city’s website.