Plattsburgh Parking Advisory Committee

On November 29th, 2018 the Common Council formed the PPAC. The goal of the PPAC is to advise the Common Council on parking and related matters as well as to guide and review the preparation of parking plans and programs. The Common Council approved the following members representing different downtown stakeholders for a 2-year term.

Committee Membership

Mike Bessette (December 6, 2020) Rodney Brown (December 31, 2020) Maryanne Bukolt-Ryder (January 10, 2021)
Bob Garcia (December 6, 2020) Amber Desjardin (January 31, 2021) Kathleen Mahoney-Myers(January 10, 2021)
Patrick McFarlan (January 10, 2021)   Matthew Miller - Chair  (December 6, 2020)
Levi Ritter (December 6, 2020) Joseph Rotella (December 13, 2020) Ethan Vinson (December 31, 2020)

6/11/2019 PPAC Draft Parking Plan Presentation

This draft parking plan was presented by Committee Member McFarlin with assistance from Committee Member Vinson. The draft parking plan consists of ideas on topics that have not been recommended by the PPAC or approved by the Common Council.

The purpose of this plan is to get the PPAC to begin discussing topics and to gather feedback on concepts relating to the creation of a managed parking system.

6/11/2019 Draft Parking Plan Presentation

6/11/2019 PPAC Parking Replacement Options For Recommendations

This presentation was provided to the PPAC for feedback. As an advisory committee to the Common Council, the PPAC reviewed various parking replacement options and made recommendations to pass forward to the Common Council based on the options provided. 

6/11/2019 Parking Replacement Options Presentation

The PPAC voted to pass forward to the recommendations below with the condition that a traffic study is done to determine whether it is advisable for the City to pursue changing Durkee Street into a one-way street. The Common Council will now consider the recommendations and feedback from the PPAC as part of their decision making progress.  The options still require final engineering and design work.

Parking Replacement Options
Rank Option Net New Spaces (Public)
1 Arnie Pavone Memorial Parking Plaza 115
2 Durkee Development 50
3 County Main Lot Expansion 60
4 Bridge Street 6
5 Broad Street Lot Expansion 15
6a                                           Durkee Street - One Way                                        
 *This recommendation was made conditional upon further analysis of the effects of changing Durkee Street to a one-way Street*
  Total 289
6b Durkee Street -Two Way 27

6/11/2019 PPAC Parking Count Update Presentation

An update of more parking count information since the 5/14/2019 presentation. Parking counts are on-going and data will be updated in future presentations.

6/11/2019 PPAC Parking Count Update 

Agendas Minutes and Videos

5/14/2019 PPAC Parking Count Presentation

4/9/2019 PPAC Parking Replacement Update