Current Community Development Initiatives

In early April, Governor Cuomo announced a $10 million opportunity for 1 community in each of the 10 Regional Economic Development areas with an existing and progressing Downtown.The City of Plattsburgh submitted an application to be considered as the North Country Regional $10 million recipients.

Downtown Revitalization

  • Arts, Cultural Development – assisting the NCCCA in the renovation of the Strand Theater.
  • Main Street Facade Improvement Projects – in collaboration with Lake City LDC
  • Street scape Amenities – Benches, Trash Baskets, Bicycle Racks
  • Installation of Wayfinding Signage
  • Grant Assisted Projects Include:
    • Creation of the Seven Point Hub Entryway to Downtown from Dock St. Landing
    • Construction of a 1.3 mile pedestrian/bicycle trail along the shore of Lake Champlain (photo of trail north)
    • Restoration of the Strand Theater
    • Owner-occupied and investor housing rehabilitation
    • Commercial Building Improvement Program

Bridge Street Market Stalls

View Information and Instructions here.
View License Agreement and Application here.

Clinton Street Renaissance

  • Owner occupied and investor housing rehabilitation.
  • Storefront Renovation
  • Apartment creation

Local Waterfront Revitalization Program

  • Improve access and use of public lakefront areas along Plattsburgh’s Lake Champlain shoreline.
  • The relocation of the Canadian Pacific Rail Yards and remediation of the site opened up approximately 14 acres for redevelopment to include a waterfront hotel, a 3-acre waterfront park and a public boat launch parking site.  Once completed, this project will create a gateway to the City, improve boater access, provide tourist facilities, and improve access to the lake for picnicking, fishing, and boating.
  • Grant awarded to study how to mitigate adverse conditions at the Water Treatment Plant, located adjacent to proposed hotel site.

Economic Development Initiatives

Does your business need a face lift?
Do you need equipment or need to expand  your store or office?
Do you require a new location?

You may be eligible for assistance!

What do I need to apply?

Please print out the following documents, complete the required information and bring to this office!

Eligibility Requirements

  • Projects must create or retain existing jobs for low/moderate income family members
  • Projects must be located in the City limits.
  • Federal wage requirements may apply to commercial rehabilitation projects.

Durkee Street CFA Project

Durkee Street Questions Responses

RFP Durkee Street  Final