Refuse Service

General Guidelines

REFUSE AND RECYCLABLES: To be placed at curbside before the start of the work day. Refuse must be in clear bags only and city bin must be used for recyclables.

GRASS, LEAVES & SMALL BRANCHES (1” or less in size/diameter): EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1ST 2021: To be placed at curbside in 30 – 50 gallon paper bags or clearly labelled biodegradable yard waste bags, at no charge to all city residents. Clear plastic or colored bags will not be accepted or collected after October 1, 2021. Yard waste bags will be rejected if: bags are plastic, weigh more than 40 lbs., are split or broken open or contain household garbage, construction debris, branches over 1” in size (diameter), dirt, soil, sand, animal waste or dead animals.

Pick-up schedule: Yard waste pick up follows the same routes as refuse and recycling however the schedule varies due to workload and seasonal changes. Please be patient!

DO NOT rake grass or leaves into the street.

Please find the 2024 Refuse Guidelines & Schedule here.