Vacant Building Registry

City of Plattsburgh, NY Vacant Building Registry

Commencing March 1, 2024 and pursuant to the City of Plattsburgh Vacant Building Registry Law 6 of 2023, within 30 days of a building becoming a vacant building, the owner of a vacant building which is located in the City of Plattsburgh shall complete and sign a registration form provided by the Office of the Building Inspector for each vacant building. The form shall indicate the name, mailing address, and telephone number of each and every owner, and if the owner is a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or other business entity, the name, address, phone number and email address of a responsible agent for that owner (the "owner's agent"), and the mailing address of the vacant building, daytime and evening telephone numbers of the owner and, if applicable, the owner's agent, and any other pertinent data sought by the Office of the Building Inspector. The form shall indicate an address for receipt of notices by mail under this chapter. The owner shall be responsible for updating such information within five business days of an event or a change in circumstances that would render the information in the registration form inaccurate. 

A vacant building proof of registration will be provided to owners of vacant building property’s and is to be displayed in a clearly visible place at the main access point of said property.  Unless indicated otherwise, this registration will be valid for a period of 365 days after initial registration of said property and shall be replaced annually upon renewal of registration and serve as an on-site certificate of said properties compliance with vacant building registry local law.

Furthermore, failure to register or renew a vacant building property will make the owner subject to all penalties set forth in said City of Plattsburgh Vacant Building Law.  UNREGISTERED VACANT BUILDING PROPERTIES ARE UNLAWFUL.

Annually thereafter, or upon an event or change in circumstance that would render the information in the registration form inaccurate, within five business days of that event or change in circumstance the owner shall submit a new vacant building registration form. Vacant building registrations may not be assigned or transferred.

*A vacant building is defined as a building which in whole or in part is: 

  1. Unoccupied and unsecured.

  2. Unoccupied and secured by other than normal means.

  3. Unoccupied as determined by the appropriate city, county, or state department agency.

  4. Unoccupied and has multiple housing or building code violations.

  5. Illegally occupied and/or not habitable.

  6. Unoccupied for a period of time of 45 days, unless good cause can be shown to the Office of the Building Inspector that would warrant an extension of three months. For purposes of this section, good cause can include, but not be limited to an active marketing effort to sell the property or the death or major illness of the owner. 


                                          One and two family:                       $200 per year

                                           Multi Family:                                    $400 per year

                                           Commercial and mixed use:          $500 for first year

                                                                                                       $1000 for second year

                                                                                                       $1500 per subsequent year



Local Law:  Vacant Building Local Law.pdf

Printable Application:  Vacant Building Registration Form.pdf

This application may also be found in building inspector forms on this webpage.