City Announces 2023 Holiday Parade Grand Marshals

(PLATTSBURGH- November 15th 2023) - The City of Plattsburgh is pleased to announce the Grand Marshals of the 2023 Holiday Parade; Stan and Chris Ransom. Stan and Chris are being recognized for their years of service to our community and will be leading the annual Holiday Parade on Saturday December 2nd in Downtown Plattsburgh, NY.

Mayor Chris Rosenquest says, “Chris and Stan have been pillars of our community for decades! I remember spending time at their house as a kid with my friends and seeing their compassion and love for the City of Plattsburgh. Whether it be the countless hours spent volunteering for the Battle of Plattsburgh, their commitment to the annual MLK Jr. celebration, or their frequent visits to downtown picking up garbage on their own time. Chris and Stan are community treasures and we appreciate everything they do for our North Country City!”


Tom Donahue, President of 1814 Inc, says “Chris and Stan Ransom are the “Heart Beat” of the Battle of Plattsburgh Commemoration both at the event and behind the scenes. Their initial concept to incorporate “1814 Kids’ Games” into the commemoration brought a new living history to the event and has become a tradition that brings back “kid of all ages” year after year. 

Kit Booth, creator of the Battle of Plattsburgh Commemoration says, “They are dedicated to their community and spend their lives in service to Plattsburgh in many ways. I continue to be amazed at Stan, approaching 96 years, who I refer to as the  "EVER READY BUNNY", who never seems to slow down. He and Chris spend hours each week circulating around the city picking up trash to help beautify the streets. And they are very much involved in many other activities in their " retirement".

Join Chris and Stan Ransom on Saturday December 2nd in Downtown Plattsburgh for the Miracle on Margaret Street event, which includes activities at The Strand Center, the Holiday Parade and annual Tree Lighting. Details about the event can be found at