Upcoming Public Workshop will provide update to community on SmartCode Plattsburgh

(PLATTSBURGH- June 12, 2024) -As a City of Plattsburgh resident, business owner, or visitor, have you ever wondered what could help Plattsburgh thrive? The SmartCode Plattsburgh project team has, and would like to invite you to our next Public Workshop  to learn more  and provide feedback on our latest proposals to move this robust zoning update project forward.


This workshop will take place at City Hall on June 18th from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. While in-person attendance is encouraged, online participation will be available starting at 6:30 pm for those unable to attend in person via Zoom. 

What is SmartCode Plattsburgh?

The SmartCode Plattsburgh initiative is a comprehensive update of the city's zoning and land use regulations. The June 18th workshop will focus on proposed zoning changes to enhance mixed-use,  business, industrial, commercial, and residential opportunities , with adjustments to allowable uses, density, building heights, and more! Proposed regulations for accessory dwelling units (ADUs) will also be presented. 

While Plattsburgh's current zoning regulations have been periodically updated through time since their development in the 1990s, the changing landscape of urban development calls for a more comprehensive and streamlined approach. The SmartCode Plattsburgh project is the City's response to this need, aiming to create a modern zoning framework that caters to the diverse requirements of residents, businesses, and visitors, while ensuring the continued vibrancy and well-being of the community. 

When did the project begin?

SmartCode Plattsburgh has been underway since April 2023.  This community-led initiative aims to streamline and enhance the City's land use regulations by making them more efficient, accessible, and responsive to the needs of the community and to implement the goals and recommendations outlined in the City’s Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) and recently adopted Comprehensive Plan.

The City, assisted by the professional consulting team of LaBella Associates, ZoneCO, and Sidekick Creative, have been evaluating alternatives to increase access to quality affordable housing, preserve neighborhood walkability, and enhance opportunities for neighborhood commercial and personal services, all key goals and recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan. 

Ahead of this workshop, the City has demonstrated its commitment to this initiative by hosting three other public workshops and issuing recommendations for amending residential zoning districts. These proposed changes encompass adjustments to zoning district boundaries, density regulations, and permitted uses. Additionally, the City conducted a residential design visual preference survey to gain valuable insights into community preferences regarding neighborhood and residential design elements.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the discussion, as SmartCode Plattsburgh enters its final phases to align with the City’s Comprehensive plan and concentrate on refining commercial and mixed-use design standards, explore inclusionary housing options and complete streets requirements, and develop supplemental regulations for specific areas like special overlay districts, short-term rentals, multi-family dwellings, home occupations, and boutique hotels. The City anticipates having a comprehensive draft code ready for public review by this fall.

The strides made through the SmartCode Plattsburgh project highlight the City's commitment to intelligent and sustainable urban growth. By actively involving stakeholders, integrating best practices, and valuing community input, SmartCode Plattsburgh is set to create a zoning code that not only underpins the City's future but also empowers it to flourish as a resilient, dynamic, and equitable community.

More Information

For more information about the SmartCode Plattsburgh zoning update process, progress, and next steps, please visit the event page on MyCityofPlattsburgh. Additional questions, comments, or concerns may be directed to smartcodeplattsburgh@labellapc.com