Downtown Paid Parking Enforcement will begin on Tuesday, October 11

(PLATTSBURGH - Wednesday August 31st, 2022) - Paid parking enforcement will commence for downtown City parking lots on Tuesday, October 11, 2022.  For the past several months, the Mayor’s office and City staff have worked to implement the new paid system approved by the Common Council in June.  Members of the community have likely observed the recent installation of multi-space parking meters (kiosks) in various parking lots throughout downtown. In the coming weeks, the public will notice a substantial amount of new parking signage being installed in downtown parking lots.  The installation of this signage does not mean that active enforcement of the paid system has started.  Enforcement will not begin until Tuesday, October 11.  Additional information relating to the City’s new parking system can be found at

Plattsburgh Mayor Christopher Rosenquest said, “This has been an ongoing discussion since 2018. Since coming into office, we’ve done a lot to engage the community and Council on introducing a system that makes sense and doesn’t overburden residents and downtown businesses.” Rosenquest adds, “the City understands this is going to be a learning curve for a lot of folks and we’re prepared to make common sense adjustments when and where needed.”

On Street/Timed Parking Information

On-street parking remains free everywhere in the downtown district. A standardized two-hour time limit for all on-street and timed parking areas within the Special Assessment District is enforced Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. except holidays. On-street parking regulations will be enforced for all vehicles regardless of whether the owner has purchased a parking permit.

“In reviewing the parking system, the inconsistencies with surface parking became immediately problematic,” says Rosenquest. “We had 30 minute parking zones on the opposite side of the street from where we had 90 minute parking zones. To correct that we applied a consistent 2-hour time limit to all of downtown’s on-street parking areas.”

Paid Parking Lot Information

Paid parking lots will follow the same enforcement structure as on-street areas (i.e., Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. except holidays). The southern half of the Durkee Street parking lot, the Arnie Pavone lot, the Broad Street lot, the Court Street lot, the City Hall Place lot, and the public section of the Clinton County Government Center lot will all be subject to metered parking effective Tuesday, October 11, 2022.  The fee structure that was passed by the Common Council for the off-street lots includes a $1.00 hourly fee, a $90.00 semi-annual (6 months) permit fee, and a $171.00 annual (12 months) permit fee.  Each permit purchased is accompanied by a $3.50 gateway fee charged to the customer at the time of the sale.  

Those using the public section of the Clinton County Government Center lot will be entitled to their first hour of parking free of charge, though they will still have to enter their plate number upon entering the lot as is required in the other lots.  A map of the employee and public sections of the Clinton County lot is included for reference.

The northern half of the Durkee Street parking lot can be used free of charge but will have a two-hour time limit for all vehicles similar to downtown’s on-street parking areas.  Permits are not eligible for use in the northern half of the Durkee Street parking lot.

Paid Parking Permits

Permits will be available for frequent parkers to use in all the above listed lots except the northern half of the Durkee Street lot and Clinton County Government Center lot.  Permits are not eligible for use in any on-street areas within the SAD.  A limited number of semi-annual and annual downtown permits will be made available and priority access will be afforded to downtown residents and those with downtown employment status. Proof of priority status is required and must be submitted along with the permit application.

How to Purchase a Parking Permit

All parking permits must be purchased through the City’s online permit portal at While the permit portal is currently active, permits for the downtown lots can not yet be purchased.  Seasonal beach permits, however, can be purchased, and all those interested in purchasing downtown permits are encouraged to visit the portal and familiarize themselves with the interface and the information provided under the ‘NOTIFICATION’ heading on the homepage, including a link to step-by-step instructions for purchasing a permit.  

All those wishing to purchase a permit must first register an account via the permit portal and this can be done at any time.  A credit card must also be entered for payment of permit fees.  Business owners and property owners wishing to purchase permits for their employees and/or tenants must designate an individual to register their name on the account and to serve as the primary contact for management of all permits purchased.  Only one permit can be applied for in each application and each permit can only be used with the specific vehicle listed in the application.

All parking permits will be virtual, meaning that physical permits will not be issued after they are purchased.  The license plate included in a customer’s permit application becomes their permit and the City’s enforcement staff will have access to all permits and the license plates associated with them via their digital handheld devices.  Those who have purchased permits do not need to affix anything to their vehicles. 

Schedule & Details for Purchasing Permits

On Tuesday, September 13 at 10:00 a.m., downtown permits will be made available for purchase on the permit portal on a first-come, first-served basis.  While anyone, regardless of their residency or employment, may submit a permit application at any point, applications submitted by those providing proof of downtown residency or employment will be given priority.  Downtown residents must submit one of the following:

  1. A current residential lease from a property within the boundaries of the Special Assessment District (SAD) listing the applicant as a lessee.
  2. A recent (within the last 3 months) electric bill at an address within the SAD listing the applicant as the account holder.

Those working downtown, or their employers, must submit a recent (within the last 3 months) pay stub from an employer that is physically located within the SAD.  Those employers and landlords intending to purchase permits on behalf of their employees and/or tenants are encouraged to gather the required vehicle/owner information in advance of Tuesday, September 13.  All permits will have an effective date of Tuesday, October 11 to coincide with the start date for enforcement and all permit renewal periods will be based on that date and the permit’s duration.  Purchasers may opt to enable the automatic renewal of their permits upon expiration to avoid the possibility of being waitlisted in future years.

Purchasing downtown permits is a multi-step process.  All customers must fill out and submit an application.  City staff will then review any documentation included as proof of downtown residency or employment.  Upon verification or rejection of that documentation, the applicant will receive an email notifying them of their application’s approval or denial and, if approved, requesting payment be made via the online portal.  Permits are not active until payment has been made.  From Tuesday, September 13 until Thursday, September 29, City staff will only verify and make available for payment those permit applications which include proof of downtown residency or employment.  All such applications will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis until no available permits remain.  

Downtown residents and employees are strongly encouraged to submit their applications as quickly as possible once downtown permits are made available to avoid being waitlisted.   If any available permits remain as of Friday, September 30, City staff will verify all remaining applications on a first-come, first-served basis until all available permits have been sold.  Applications will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis thereafter and all will be added to the permit waitlist.

Other Provisions

No parking fees will be charged to those parking in the handicap accessible spaces with appropriately displayed placards.

During snow emergencies declared by the City, all parking fees shall be suspended for the duration of the snow emergency.  Vehicle owners must still abide by other snow emergency regulations including a prohibition on on-street parking and the removal of vehicles from those lots in which the emergency lighting system is flashing.  Vehicles found to be in violation of snow emergency regulations are subject to ticketing and/or towing. 

Daily parking permits previously issued by the City remain valid until Monday, October 10 at which point all remaining daily permits shall become null and void.   

The public is encouraged to email or call 518-563-7642 with any questions regarding downtown parking.