Housing Programs

The City of Plattsburgh strives to provide decent housing to low-moderate income families. To that end, the Office of Community Development manages available grants for first-time homebuyers, owner occupied housing rehabilitation and investor housing rehabilitation. It also manages a housing revolving loan program where loans are granted to eligible families for emergency repairs and to investors for creation or rehabilitation of apartments for low-moderate income families.

Fair Housing Amendment Act
Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1988
The City of Plattsburgh Fair Housing Policy Adopted 5-28-15
The City of Plattsburgh Appointment of a Fair Housing Officer 5-28-15

This program is designed for low and moderate income families and supports home ownership in the City of Plattsburgh. Home ownership helps improve our city’s neighborhoods. The program has some restriction:

  • The home must be located within the Plattsburgh City limits.
  • The grant is given as a deferred loan and is forgiven (you don’t have to repay it) if you stay in the house for at least 10 years.
  • If you move or sell the house the grant must be repaid to the City on a pro rata basis.

The Home Ownership Program assists with closing costs, down payment, principle reduction, legal fees and necessary housing rehabilitation associated with purchasing your first home.  The Office of Community Development will review your application, finances and debt confidentially to determine if you qualify for the program.  The price of the house, required rehabilitation and your income level determine the amount of grant you may receive.  Grants range up to $25,000 (pre1975) and $30,000 (after 1975). 

  • Eligibility is based on adjusted gross income as filed with the IRS annually and projected for the next six months.  Maximum

Please contact this office for updates and more information on possible funding.

Homeowner and Investment Property Rehabilitation
The program intends to join property owners and local government with public and private financing in a co-operative effort to rehabilitate and preserve the existing neighborhood There are two purposes to the City’s Housing Rehabilitation Program:

  • To improve the condition of housing occupied by low and moderate-income residents by providing financial assistance to help reduce the cost of necessary repairs.
  • To increase the housing stock available to low and moderate-income households by providing financial assistance to property owners to create/convert vacant space into new residential units that will be occupied by low and moderate-income residents after rehabilitation.

Single Family Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program - NO FUNDS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
The City of Plattsburgh has received a $500,000 grant from the Housing Trust Fund Corporation through the Division of Housing and Community Renewal to assist single-family owner-occupied income-eligible homeowners to rehab their property.


  • Home must be located in the City of Plattsburgh.
  • Home must be single family.
  • Homeowner must be determined income eligible by the Office of Community Development. Income based on the gross amount of income of all adult household members that is anticipated to be received during the coming 12-month period.
  • Home must be owned - fee simple - by homeowner and must be the homeowner's principle residence. Life lease/trust/land contracts and mobile homes are not eligible.
  • All utility bills, school and property taxes must be up to date in payment.
  • At time of project beginning, owner must show proof of home insurance with City as additional insured.

Please contact the Office of Community Development at 518-563-7642 for more information

Housing Loan Program
Property consisting of 1-3 dwelling units occupied by the owner and used entirely for residential purposes may be eligible.  Four units and up is considered commercial/investment property by the City Assessor.  Property consisting of a dwelling containing units entirely for residential purposes and not occupied by the owner will be considered.  Home occupations are allowed where they conform to the local zoning code.  Property consisting of a dwelling containing units used entirely for residential purposes and not occupied by the owner will be considered.

The program offers rehabilitation of existing owner-occupied homes in the City of Plattsburgh through available New York State housing assistance grant programs and the housing revolving loan program.  Department inspections determine the extent of repairs to be made. Heating, plumbing, electrical, roofing, carpentry, masonry, insulation, replacement windows & doors and exterior painting are examples of rehabilitation work accomplished through the program.

The City will access a loan application fee of $100.00 when a loan application is filed and a processing fee of 2% of the loan when the loan is accomplished.  The City will provide loans at a rate of ¾ of prime.

Eligibility & Income
To qualify for assistance under this program, the following conditions must be met:

  • Property must be within the City of Plattsburgh
  • Applicant must provide proof of ownership (copy of Deed, etc.).  Homeowner’s with life use are eligible.  Homes owned on land contract are not.
  • Property taxes (city, county, school) and water & sewer fees must be current.
  • Owner must provide proof of current property insurance.  City must be listed as mortgagee on the policy before project begins.
  • Upon completion of project, at least 51% of the units in property must be occupied by low or moderate income households.