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Parking Citation Appeal Form

  1. Please review the following instructions before returning this form.

    1. Complete the entire form. Information regarding your name, address, and contact information is necessary for an accurate and timely review of the appeal.

    2. Indicate on the date line, the date you submitted the appeal. This information is required to suspend any and all fines penalties until the review of the appeal is complete.

    3. Record the ticket number on the citation you received. This will aide in complete and accurate record keeping.

    4. Provide a brief and descriptive account and the reason for your appeal in the space provided. If the space is not sufficient you can add an additional type or hand written account and attach same to this document or obtain a second appeals form and attach the two together.

    5. The appeals process must be complete and accurate when returned to the desk officer at the Plattsburgh Police department. The appeals form must be returned no later then 5 days of the date of issuance of the Citation.

    6. Once the completed appeal form is received at the Plattsburgh Police Department, the appeal will be subjected to administrative review. This process may take 7 to 10 days.

    7. The vehicle owner is still responsible for towing and/or storage fees even if the citation is dismissed.

    8. The tow fees associated with parking citations are set by the City of Plattsburgh. Tow services providers are independent contract vendors and not employees of the City of Plattsburgh.

    9. In the event your appeal is denied, you have the option of pleading “not guilty” and request a hearing on this matter. Upon the written receipt of your denial, complete the section requesting a trial date and return to the Parking Violations Bureau:
    45 Pine Street
    Plattsburgh, NY 12901.

    Once the hearing date and time is scheduled, you will receive written notification. No penalties will accrue while waiting for said court date.

    10.The City of Plattsburgh will not accept partial payments. All payments must be paid in full. All payments should be made in person at:
    The Department of Finance
    6 Miller Street
    Plattsburgh, NY 12901

    Payments can also be mailed to the same address; or paid online.

  2. I fully understand that if my vehicle was towed in connection with the above violation, and my appeal is granted, I will not be liable to pay any fine or penalty, but I will be responsible for paying any towing or storage charges and these charges must be paid before my vehicle is released to me. By signing this appeals form I waive any claims I may have against the City of Plattsburgh, or the tow company, for reimbursement of towing or storage charges.

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