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Street Access Permit Application

  1. Building Inspector

    41 City Hall Place
    Plattsburgh, NY 12901
    Phone: 518-563-7707

  2. Public Works

    215 Idaho Avenue
    Plattsburgh, NY 12903

  3. Water & Sewer

    215 Idaho Avenue
    Plattsburgh, NY 12903
    Phone: 518-563-6841

  4. Overview

    Application is hereby made to the Office of the Building Inspector to access public property for the purpose of installing, maintaining, excavating, or utilization of City-owned land. All applications requiring building permits, as identified by New York State Law Part 440 must comply with the NY State Building Codes. All approvals must adhere to the conditions stated within the form.

  5. Please identify the owner of the property of which service will be provided for.

  6. Service Request

    The applicant must notify the Department of Public Works or the Water and Sewer Department 24 hours in advance of service.

  7. The applicant is requesting the City to provide services and agrees to pay all associated fees.

  8. Office Use Only

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