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Load Data Submittal Sheet

  1. Plattsburgh Municipal Lighting Dept & Building Inspector's Office Load Data Calculation Sheet

  2. Note: Applicants must file this completed load data sheet with The Building Department and PMLD when requesting a service location. Where the structure is to be electrically heated, a heating cooling Calculation Data Sheet is required.

  3. AWG

  4. Phase

  5. Service to be:

  6. Size of Circuits in Panel

  7. Type of Structure

  8. Electrical Equipment Data

  9. Laundry Area

  10. Electric Heating/Cooling

  11. Note: Load Computations are to be made on the back of the sheet as per the National Electric Code, Chapter 9 Examples. The acquisition of an electric service does not permit any other connections to an electrical installation other than those specific items on the Load Data Calculation Sheet. Any future installations must make application for a new Building Permit PRIOR to the start of any work. For Upgrading of existing electric service only. The applicant certifies that the service upgrading to a higher capacity applied for is not to include the installation of electric heat or a new addition to the existing structure, unless otherwise noted.

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