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Application for Building and Zoning Permit


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Step Two
  3. 3. Step Three
  4. 4. Step Four
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  • Step One

    1. Building and Zoning Permit

    2. Application is hereby made to the Building Inspector for the Issuance of a Building and Zoning Permit pursuant the City of Plattsburgh Zoning Ordinance and the NYS Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code for the construction of buildings, structures, renovations, alterations, and change in use, demolitions, fences, paving, and electrical. The Applicant of owner agrees to apply with all applicable regulations and all conditions expressed on the back of this application, and will also allow all inspectors to enter the premises for the required inspections.

    3. Note: Read Instructions On Reverse Side, Applicant is responsible for accurate information.

    4. Land Use

    5. Type of Project

    6. *For new construction, include dimensions. If applying for a fence, include height of fence in description.

    7. Examples: .........."Full Roof Replacement"........"Place a 6' Fence in Rear and Side Yards"......."Construct a 12' x 8' Attached Deck on North Side of house"......."Construct a 22' x 16' Detached Garage"