Marketing, Signage, & Branding


This project proposes a cohesive marketing, branding, and signage strategy that would tie together Downtown's assets and build upon existing marketing initiatives to achieve a greater impact for Downtown.

While regional marketing initiatives include the Downtown in their materials, none highlight the Downtown as it's own exclusive destination.This project would provide targeted Downtown marketing that seeks to draw expanded audiences and integrate a focus on Downtown Plattsburgh's assets within existing marketing efforts, as well as passive and way-finding investments in gateway and other signage that reinforces the character of the Downtown, draws visitors to significant destinations, and benefits local businesses. Improvements to event specific marketing materials may also be featured.

Current Conditions & Signage Examples

Marketing, Branding, and Signage
The City of Plattsburgh has partnered with the New York State Department of State (DoS) to implement the Marketing, Signage, and Branding DRI priority project. This project has been awarded $250,000 to accomplish the above goals. 

While the City awaits a final contract from the DoS for the project, we have been hard at work organizing a Project Advisory Committee to begin drafting a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the project. Once the RFP is complete, it will be posted here and on the City of Plattsburgh's bid page. 

The City will ensure that there will be ample opportunity for engagement, input, and feedback from the public throughout the process. Downtown businesses, residents, and visitors will have their questions and concerns taken into consideration. All public meetings regarding this project will be posted on the City calendar. 

Marketing, Branding, & Signage Award

Award - MBS