Birthdays and Rentals

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Birthday Parties

The number one reason we are host to dozens and dozens of children's birthday parties each year is.... its not in your house!

Birthday parties at the City Recreation Center are a great way to keep the excitement without having it take over your own home.  Private options available depending on availability.

Birthday Party Documents

Option 1

$90 SEMI-PRIVATE GYMNASIUM PARTY (up to 30 participants / play area shared)
    • Private Table slot in gymnasium
    • 2 Hour use of Open Play Area (basketball / bounce houses / scooter boards / soccer nets)
Friday Parties
All Slots: Ages 6-9

Saturday Parties
Morning Slots:           Ages 4-6  (ages 2-5 starting June 2019)
Afternoon Slots:        Ages 7-11    (ages 6-9 starting June 2019)

Full Payment Required when registering. Online booking available until day prior to party date.  Must call for same day birthday registration.

2016 Birthday Party Layout Map Public

Option 2 (Saturdays only)

$115    Private Room + Semi-Private Gymnasium Party - Call for availability 518-324-7709  Must come in to book
    • Private table slot in Gymnasium
    • 2 Hour use of Play Equipment (play area shared)
      • Basketball
      • Bounce Houses
      • Scooterboards
      • Soccer
    • Up to 3 Hour use of private room downstairs (overlapped with 2 hour gymnasium slot)
Community Room
Group Ex Room